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The company Sgouromallis I. & CO OE was founded in 2003 with main activity is the production, packaging and marketing of quality soap preparations and natural cosmetics based on precious oil. The company operates mainly in the domestic tourism market, while exports to Cyprus, Germany, Poland, Czech, Slovakia and Lithuania.

A family business since 2003 with one core principle, our family’s common love of pure, traditional olive oil soap.

Inspired by the beauty of nature and our homeland, Crete.

We chose Cretan organic olive oil - one of the best quality olive oils in the world - to create natural cosmetic products and soaps.

Various natural active ingredients of the Greek flora, and not only, are carefully selected for their uniqueness and their contribution to beauty and health.
a. Mastic for its medical and reconstructive properties known since antiquity.
b. Pomegranate for antioxidant protection.
c. The exotic avocado, now native to Crete, for its nourishing and skin-moisturizing properties.
d. Aloe Vera for its pain-relieving, healing and soothing properties.
e. Argan oil, also called “liquid gold”, a Moroccan beauty secret, for its strong restorative and anti-aging protective properties for the face, body and hair.
f. All of the above ingredients act in combination with jojoba oil, beeswax, mango butter, calendula and many others, enriching the composition of the products.

Inspiration for the ingredients are the dietary choices of the family and the land.

A wide range of natural soaps and cosmetic products is created for multiple uses and with a variety of beneficial properties for the face, body and hair, all environmentally friendly at the same time.

The properties of the natural cosmetics and soaps express love, passion and respect for nature, since the use of ingredients harmful to the environment and our health are excluded.

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